• How to Log into the Blackboard system?

    Before successfully completing your Blackboard classes, you must first be able to log into them. This section is meant to show where to log into your Blackboard classes and provide support for those having log in trouble.

    Where to Log In

    You may access Blackboard directly or through Morton College Panther portal.


    What is My Username or Password?

    Your Blackboard username and password is the same user ID and password that you use to log into the Panther Portal.

    Typically, the Portal user ID schema for students is as below:

    Initial Username 
    [first letter of your first name].[entire last name] for example, James Smith, his username would be j.smith

    However, if you have a common name then a number or a letter may be added to the username.

    Initial Password

    Your initial password format is as follows: first initial (capital), last initial lowercase/last 4 of SSN/Month & day of birth as a four-digit number (including leading ZEROS). Therefore, if your name was James Smith and your last 4 of SSN was 4897, and birthdate was January 6th, your password would be:


    Getting a Username and a Password

    IIf you do not know your username or password and are not enrolled in password self-service, you MUST call (708)656-8000 Ext.2444 or stop by IT office to reset your password. 

    Additional Help

    Call (708)656-8000 Ext. 2444 the IT helpdesk for your account issue. You may ask to provide the following information:
    First and Last Name, Last four numbers of Social Security Number, or Student ID, Date of Birth, Email address, and Phone Number.