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  • Are you planning to take MAT 093 or MAT 095?

    (Elementary or Intermediate Algebra) 

    Why is Morton Modular Math the better choice?

    • Shorter courses! Morton Modular Math lets you take Elementary or Intermediate Algebra as a sequence of 8-week “modules” instead of the traditional 16-week courses. 
      • Two 8-week modules cover the same material as a traditional 16-week course.
    • Fewer credit hours! Intermediate Algebra students who are not planning to take MAT 105 (College Algebra) can skip the last module (MAT 086) and complete intermediate algebra in 8 weeks instead of 16 weeks!

    • Higher levels of success! Morton Modular Math students are more likely to get into a college-credit math course. They get there sooner and they get better grades in college-credit math than students who have taken the traditional courses.

    • Student Preferred! Surveys consistently show that 4 out of 5 students prefer Morton Modular Math to the traditional courses.

    • Succeed sooner! You can complete the first module – and move up to the next module – in only eight weeks. 
      • If you are not able to complete a module, you only need to retake 8 weeks – not 16 weeks – of material.

    Don’t be confused by the course numbers! 

    Lower course numbers mean shorter courses, not lower-level courses. 

    Learn More 

    Are you planning to take MAT 093 (Elementary Algebra)? Find out about MAT 083/084 
    Are you planning to take MAT 095 (Intermediate Algebra)? Find out about MAT 085/086 

    You can also meet with an academic advisor or e-mail Geoff Krader in the Math Department.