NUR-221 - Medical Surgical Nursing IV

Incorporates and builds on all concepts, themes and principles learned in the first level nursing experience in caring for adults with complex and chronic illnesses in special care settings and the community. Focus is on care issues of adults with multiple system concerns including shock, burns, head, spinal cord, thoracic and abdominal injuries. Principles of cardiovascular assessments and therapies including introductory arrhythmia interpretation are addressed particularly as necessary in the Intensive Care setting. There is an emphasis on the invasive diagnostic, treatable medications and surgical care. The concepts of oxygenation and ventilation are detailed. Nursing care of persons requiring mechanical ventilation is included. Community resources available to persons will be investigated and an experience with a home health agency is included. Holistic care is described by integrating the nursing process. Discussion of interpersonal processes will include issues of cultural diversity, family dynamics, and therapeutic communication. Students will be exposed to technology necessary for data retrieval (computers and monitors), documentation and treatments including the mechanical ventilator. The role of the nurse as team member, Teacher and Patient Care Manager is discussed. This course includes lecture, case study, clinical, small group discussion and nursing laboratory experiences. Prerequisite: NUR 136, NUR 137, NUR 150. Credit or current registration in BIO 212 and PEH 103. Credit in PSY 101, PSY 210 or Life Span Course, BIO 104 (with a C or better in five years).
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