NUR-135 - Medical Surgical Nursing I

Introduces nursing concepts and selected theoretical aspects of nursing care of the medical surgical patient. All concepts and nursing care are addressed incorporating principles of a team approach and cultural diversity. Concepts and principles central to this course include IV assessment, infection control, asepsis, acid-base, fluid and electrolyte balance. Parental therapy and math are discussed theoretically and demonstrated within the setting of the college lab. Physical assessment strategies and techniques for each discussed system are integrated into course and college laboratory experiences. The perioperative experience for the person undergoing surgery is presented as are common biopsychosocial responses. Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative nursing care issues and the person in shock are considered. Oncology nursing is presented to include prevention, etiologies, epidemiology, medical management and nursing interventions. The course includes lecture, discussion and college laboratory experiences. Prerequisite: Credit in BIO 103 and BIO 104 (within fiveyears, grade C or better), PSY 101, NUR 122, NUR 124, and NUR 125. Concurrent registration in NUR 150 and credit or concurrent registration in PSY 210 or LifeSpan Course.
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