Morton College Institute for Cold Case Solution

  • George Seibel is retiring from Morton College on July 31, 200 17 after 37 years of service. As of August 1, 1017, George may be contacted at

  • George Seibel and his Cold Case staff accomplished more in three days than the police did in 36 years. If not for George, the 1972 murder of Nancy Pennington would not have been solved.

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  • How the Institute Works

    The Institute was founded in 2004 and is committed to serving the community by:
    • Assessing old and cold cases
    • Advocating proper research strategies
    • Performing hands-on investigation of certain cases determined to be solvable
    • Developing investigative leads to assist local and national law enforcement agencies

    Institute Recognition

    The CCI has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, CBS Radio, the Washington Post, Bloomington Pantagraph, Life Publications, WBBM Radio, National Public Radio, District of Columbia Fox News, Chicago Fox News, Investigative Discovery Channel, and On the Case with Paula Zahn.

    Case Solutions

    The Institute is staffed by highly trained researchers, most of whom are former and current Morton College Students.

  • George SeibelGeorge Seibel

    Director, CCI

    George Seibel is the founder and Executive Director of the Morton College Institute for Cold Case Solution. He is a former Chicago Police Department Violent Crimes Investigator with over 500 homicide cases in his background. 

    He is also the Chair of the Morton Law Enforcement Education Department.

    George is the author of several books on criminal investigation.

  • Unsolved Cold Case?

    The CCI has a 12-year track record of success investigatingunsolved cases locally and nationally.

    For a specific case analysis contact:

    George Seibel
    Director of Criminal
    Justice and Cold
    Case Institute
    (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2312
    Room 137D-2