Website Policy

  • General

    The Morton College Website exists to support the College’s mission and organizational goals, respond to the needs of  students, faculty and community members and to support the educational and administrative efforts of Morton faculty and staff.

    All information on the Morton College Website must comply with local, state and federal laws including, but not limited to, copyright, libel and indecency statues; the Morton College Privacy Policy, Morton College policy and standards; and reflect the mission and goals of Morton College.

    The College’s website and its components, which includes design, images, written content, and all other content, are copyrighted by Morton College and may not be copied, modified, used on other sites or re-purposed without express, written permission from the College.


    Morton College, the Management Information Services (MIS) Department and the Morton College Website Team intends to provide the most accurate information possible on the Website. In the event that information on this site contradicts information presented in official printed documents that include, but are not limited to, the Morton College Catalog, Morton College Student Handbook or other official documents, the information in the printed documents will be considered definitive.

    Web Standards

    Design Guidelines

    As the Morton College Website redesign seeks to provide a high-quality and seamless web presence to all of our constituent communities, it is essential that design and content standards are applied consistently across all web pages. Under special circumstances, sections of the Website may be excluded from the design policy by mutual agreement between the Department, MIS and Web Team.

    The following recommendations should be applied:


    All web pages that are a part of the Morton College Website will use the approved web templates provided in the CMS. Departmental websites and pages must clearly identify their relationship with the college in order to present a consistent, unified image and reinforce Morton College’s branding and marketing initiatives.
    The Web Team will develop new templates as requested/necessary.


    • Page headlines will be used in sequence (e.g. Heading 1: Page Title, Heading 2: Subject Heading, Heading 3: Sub-Topic, etc.)
    • CMS default heading styles and colors will be used.

    Body Text

    • Text color should be CMS default black
    • Italics should be used rarely, for emphasis only and only in body text.
    • All caps should not be used except in page titles.


    • Photos should be submitted at the display sized provide by CMS instructions or Web Team.
    • Photos submitted should be at the highest quality possible at the required display sizes since processing for web page display reduces quality of image.
    • Web Team reserves the right to alter photos to ensure quality and consistency.
    • In order to enhance the accessibility of our web pages, all graphic images must include appropriate text descriptions in the "ALT" attribute.

    Content Guidelines

    The Morton College Website Team is available to help participants with all tasks involved in the web page development process. The Web Team welcomes feedback and will consider suggestions for improvement from every member of the Morton College community.

    Page Copy

    Content authors, Pagemasters and Web Team will carefully proofread text for proper grammar and spelling and adherence to designated style guides in the following order:

    • Morton College Website Style Guide
    • Associated Press (AP) Style Guide, 2011+ ed.
    • Yahoo Style Guide


    • No link shall be made from the Morton College Website to unrelated third parties that might indicate an official endorsement by Morton College of such parties. Any concerns should be directed to the Dean of Student Development & Ombuds Services, Student Development & Records.
    • No links shall be made from the Morton College Website to personal or commercial interests when a conflict of interest may exist. Any concerns should be directed to the Dean of Student Development & Ombuds Services, Student Development & Records.


    • Training on use of WCMS, Morton’s official Web content management system must be completed as a prerequisite to edit and submit content for publication to the Website. The Web Team will provide training materials, classes and support for WCMS users. For more information, e-mail the MIS/Web Services Team at
    • Content accuracy and link integrity is the responsibility of the content Pagemaster. While the Web Team will make diligent efforts to ensure accuracy, only specific College departments can validate information.
    • Published web pages should be reviewed on a monthly/as needed basis to ensure link integrity and that content is up-to-date.
    • Pagemasters should manage the processes to secure written permission or approvals required by the College for use of copyrighted materials for web use. Materials include the use of text, logos, photographs, drawings, video clips, sound clips or other copyrighted visual images.
    • As a state institution, the Morton College website is required to comply with the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA) which requires Illinois agencies and universities to ensure that their websites, information systems and information technologies are accessible to people with disabilities. Pagemasters should review IITAA requirements on a regular basis.
    • The Morton College Website Pagemasters Document (XL) lists individual web pages and the Pagemaster designated as its owner. Only Pagemasters designated as web page owners should submit pages for publishing. Departments must notify the Web Team of any changes to designated web page owners as soon as possible. The Web Team will update the Pagemasters document on a regular basis.


    • The content development process is described in the Website Content Workflow (PDF).
    • Content submitted by Pagemasters will be posted for approval on the staging site generally within one business day.
    • Final content approved by Pagemasters will be posted to production/live site generally within one business day.