What Can I Do?

  • Bystander Intervention



        Morton College offers support to bystanders or witnesses to violence. The College wishes to empower men and women to intervene with peers to prevent an assault from occurring.

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    Speak Out

        As a bystander or witness, you will suffer no consequences (academically/financially) for speaking out against all forms of sexual violence or on behalf of a survivor.

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    Be an Advocate

        As a bystander or witness of a crime, you will be provided support from the institution and referrals to outside agencies should you require it.

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        As a bystander or witness, you have the ability to confidently report any sexual harassment or sexual violence by contacting the MC Campus Police.

    File a Complaint

    All employees of the College have an obligation to immediately report to the Title IX Coordinator, any and all, alleged sexual misconduct that is reported to them or about which they otherwise learn. Employees should also report any alleged sexual misconduct which they experience.


    File a Complaint


  • 911 Circular 185w
  • On Campus Resources

    Director of Human Resources/
    Title IX Coordinator
    Ronald Lullo
    Building B, Room 209
    (708) 656-8000

    Ext: #2298

    Morton College Campus
    Police Department
    Leilani Cappetta
    Room 119 Building C
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2442 or 2200

    Executive Director of Operations
    Frank Marzullo
    Room 101 Building D
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2441

    Counselor/Confidential Advisor
    Jennifer Iniquez
    Building B, Room 106
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2297

    Confidential Advisor
    Marlene Soto
    Building B, Room 109
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2249