How the College Can Help

  • MC takes all complaints/reports seriously. Processes and procedures are designed to be private and to respect the rights of everyone involved. For more information, examine the Morton College Board of Trustees Hostile Environment and or Sexual Harassment Policy on the Panther Portal.

    All handling of Sexual Misconduct violations will follow the appropriate discipline procedures dependent upon the status of the alleged perpetrator. 


    Students accused of sexual misconduct violations will be processed through the Student Code of Conduct procedures, which are listed in the Morton College Catalog (PDF) and can be viewed via the Panther Portal


    Employees accused will be processed through the appropriate Human Resources discipline process. 

    Intervention by the College

    Morton College will work with students and employees to provide assistance (if these measures are requested and are reasonably available), including, but not limited to, providing: 

    • An alternative academic class schedule  
    • A modified on-campus working situation
    • No-contact instruction (if the alleged offender is a student, faculty or staff member at the College)
    • Additional security measures while on campus 
    • Additional security measures when arriving and leaving campus such as escort services, etc.
    • Coordinating to apply security measures with other institutions if the offender is an employee or student at another institution or organization. Measures may be applied to one party, both, or to multiple parties. 
    • Deletion of Student information on file from public sources. (A written request must be submitted to the Morton College Office of Admissions and Records)
    Packets of appropriate referral information are available in the following offices: 
    • Campus Police 
    • Disability Specialist
    • Dean of Student Development and Ombuds Services
    • Human Resources 


  • 911 Circular 185w
  • On Campus Resources

    Director of Human Resources/
    Title IX Coordinator
    Ronald Lullo
    Building B, Room 209
    (708) 656-8000

    Ext: #2298

    Morton College Campus
    Police Department
    Leilani Cappetta
    Room 119 Building C
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2442 or 2200

    Executive Director of Operations
    Frank Marzullo
    Room 101 Building D
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2441

    Counselor/Confidential Advisor
    Jennifer Iniquez
    Building B, Room 106
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2297

    Confidential Advisor
    Marlene Soto
    Building B, Room 109
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2249