Textbook Rental

  • Textbook Rental at Morton College Bookstore is here!  

    Morton College Bookstore is now offering in-store rental of select titles each semester.

    Spring 2018 textbook rental is available starting Dec. 11, 2017. See the rental list below for more details.
    Fall 2017 rental books are due back the week of Dec. 11. Failure to return rented material by the deadline may result in late or non-return fees.

    View the following documents for more details:

    Is Textbook Rental Right For You?

    Advantages include: 

    • Rental can be a great cost-saving measure! Rental of text can save students up to 75% off the publisher’s suggested retail price. In addition, rental allows cash-strapped students to have their books at the beginning of the semester. Without rental, some students don’t have the resources to pay for their books at the beginning of the semester.
    •  You do not have to rent all of your textbooks at the beginning of the semester – you have the option to rent books for 30, 45, 60, 90 or 125 days as your instructor requires them!

    Disadvantages include: 

    • Not all required books (such as workbooks, lab manuals, duplicated materials and custom books) are available for rental. In addition, rental books may not contain the addendums (such as CDs, DVDs and access codes) that your instructor requires.
    • You may want to keep some of your textbooks for future reference, and some instructors require the same book for several classes—in these cases, renting textbooks may not be the best solution for you. It would probably be better to purchase your textbooks.
    • When renting textbooks, you pay less up front; however, you cannot sell rented textbooks back to the bookstore during our buyback periods at the end of each semester. The MC Bookstore pays up to 50% of the new book price back to students, regardless if they originally purchased their books new or used! Visit our buyback page for more information.