Available Accommodations

  • Jennifer Iniquez, MSW

    Student Behavioral Health/Disability Specialist
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext: #2297
    Building B, Room 106

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  • After submitting the appropriate documentation by the required deadlines and meeting with the Disability Specialist, the following services may be provided for students based on their needs:

    Faculty Notification

    The Faculty Memo of Recommended Services/Accommodations are distributed to students at the beginning of each semester. Students should hand deliver their memo to each instructor they wish to notify of services and accommodations. The memo is valid for one semester.


    Students may register during open registration period in the Disability Specialist's office or independently through the Panther Portal.

    Tape Recorder

    Students have the right to record their classes if the service is recommended based upon documentation. Teachers may also request that students turn off their tape recorders if personal information is being shared in class.

    Extended Time for Testing

    Extended time will be provided at time-and-a-half or double time dependent upon the documentation. Extended time does not mean unlimited time. Arrangements for taking tests should be made with the instructor. If a test is taken in the Independent Learning Center, it is the student's responsibility to make an appointment with the office at least three school days in advance.


    Some students with disabilities may require a note-taker. The instructor may assign a student in class to use carbonless copy paper or NCR paper to create a duplicate set of notes. Students with disabilities are also advised to take their own notes and to use the note-taker's notes as a supplement.


    Many students with visual impairments or learning disabilities rely on textbooks recorded on tape. Please allow time to obtain audio versions from the publishers.

    Test Proctoring

    In some cases when severe decoding, limited sight word vocabulary, reading comprehension, or low-vision problems are noted, test proctoring may be recommended as a support service for students. If test proctoring is desired, it is the student's responsibility to make an appointment with the Independent Learning Center at least three days in advance. The Independent Learning Center will not be responsible for proctoring untimed tests.


    The Independent Learning Center  provides tutoring in select subjects for students who are experiencing problems in their courses. The phone number to the Independent Learning Center is (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2465.

    Sign Language Interpreters

    Students who need an interpreter for classes are encouraged to make their request to the Disability Specialist at least two to three weeks prior to the start of a new semester. If the Disability Specialist receives fewer  than two weeks’ notice, she cannot guarantee this accommodation.

    Career and Academic Support

    The Disability Specialist provides educational referrals for vocational counseling.

    Accessible Parking

    Handicapped parking spaces are provided in each campus parking lot. Please make sure your own placard is displayed on your vehicle.

    Short-Term Disability Assistance

    Students seeking accommodations or services on the basis of a temporary disability must provide documentation verifying the nature of the condition, the expected duration of the condition and the accommodations deemed necessary.

    The Disability Specialist will assist students while they are on Morton College grounds.