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  • Marisol Velázquez

    Director of Student Development
    (708) 656-8000
    Ext: #2439
    Building C, Room 214

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  • Be Part of the Morton Community

    Attending Morton College is more than just attending classes. Getting involved in campus activities is just as equally important to your college experience. Morton College offers the opportunity to participate in activities such as campus publications, drama, social services and club activities.

    Morton College's Student Activities Office, located in Room 240C, helps student clubs and organizations plan activities and events throughout the year. Student activity fees paid by students enrolled in credit courses fund the activities.

    Student Activities Office Mission Statement

    To serve the student body by providing opportunities, activities, programs, services and experiences that promote educational, cultural, recreational, social, and personal growth. Participation in Student Activities enhances the overall educational experience of students through the development of exposure to, and participation in, campus activities, leadership training, student government, clubs, and organizations, and community service activities.

  • Get Involved With Morton's Clubs & Organizations

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    Anime Gamers Union (AGU)

    AGU is open to students interested in Anime (Japanese animation) as well as electronic gaming, board games, and Role Playing Games (RPG’s). They also sponsor gaming tournaments and film festivals, and attend the “Anime Central” Convention in May each year.


    Broadway Club

    The Broadway club is open to all students who enjoy acting and singing in plays and original productions and performances.