Supply Chain Management

  • ...a great experience that allowed me the opportunity to network with other students at all levels within the supply chain and gain new perspectives that I feel will benefit my career in logistics. The pace and structure of the online class worked great with my work and personal schedule.

    - Matthew Osting - UPS Employee and 2014 Program Graduate

  • UPS Employees To Receive SCM Certificates

    A partnership between United Parcel Service (UPS) and Morton College will allow two UPS employees, Matt Dolan and Matt Osting, to graduate from the SCM Certificate Program in Spring, 2014. Both were asked to answer a few questions on their experiences in the program and their responses are shown below.

    Matthew Dolan

    Industrial Engineer
    Matthew Dolan        

    As a management employee in the supply chain management industry, the Morton College SCM Program… "helped me to gain a better understanding of the processes involved in creating an effective chain between suppliers and customers. It helped to broaden my perspective and gave me fresh ideas to help better apply the customer satisfaction and financial growth pattern to my current responsibilities."

    Some of the key things that I gained through the Morton College SCM Program are… "I would recommend the Morton College SCM program…as it is structured enough to command learning without being too structured to allow flexibility for each person’s individual schedule."

    The Morton College SCM Program… "provides a well-balanced approach and covers a wide spectrum of topics to provide a broad, yet detailed, understanding of the supply chain circle.


    Matthew Osting

    Matthew Osting        

    As a management employee in the supply chain management industry, the Morton College SCM Program… "has given me an understanding of how logistics is carried out on the global scale; including an in-depth perspective of how transportation and distribution is managed.

    Some of the key things that I gained through the Morton College SCM Program are… "An understanding of challenges faced in marketing to different regions, how vital inventory control is to a Just-in-time delivery system, the roles and functions of different levels of management throughout the logistics industry as well as the importance of an efficient and well-laid warehouse including factors that can make it possible."

    I would recommend the Morton College SCM program… "For those interested in gaining more of an understanding of the challenges affecting and structure within the logistics industry."

    Supply Chain Management Career Certificate Program

    Students receive training in inventory management, purchasing, production planning, scheduling and distribution and quality management.

    Program graduates may pursue jobs in project management, strategic sourcing and supply management, logistics management and many other roles in industry.

    For more information on the Supply Chain Management Career Certificate, courses and requirements, visit the Supply Chain Management Career Programs page.

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