One-day writing workshop series April 15th

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Morton College’s Community Education Department is offering a one-day series of writing and publishing courses by LeeAnne Krusemark, a journalist, author and owner of an award-winning southern California public relations business, on campus Monday, April 15th, at the Morton College campus, 3801 S. Central Avenue, Cicero.  

Register for Community Education at Morton College’s Office of Admissions and Records, located on the first floor of Building B.

Note: Early registration is encouraged because classes may be canceled due to low enrollment.

More information about Community Education is available by calling Jody Davidson at (708) 656-8000 Ext. 2406.

The classes, held in Room 277C, include:

Introduction to Screenwriting (LIT 002 02)
Write screenplays for television or the movies by learning how to plot a story, develop characters and execute it in the proper screenwriting format. Meets from 2 to 3 p.m. Cost is $15, plus a $10 materials fee. 

Writing for Blogs, Magazines and Websites (LIT 005 01)
Learn how to find paid opportunities, sources and story ideas, conduct interviews, create query letters and protect your copyright. Meets from 3 to 4 p.m. Cost is $15, plus a $10 materials fee. 

Getting Published for Beginners (LIT 003 02)
Discover 100 ways to make money as a freelance writer. Learn how to sell a magazine article, short story, poem or novel to a traditional publisher. Find out how to submit manuscripts, connect with the right publisher, write query letters and when and how to get an agent. Meets from 4 to 6 p.m. Cost is $25, plus a $20 materials fee. 

Self-Publishing Options (LIT 004 02)
Discover the pros and cons of all the self-publishing options, plus receive a rated description of 50 self-publishing companies. Meets from 6 to 7 p.m. Cost is $15, plus a $10 materials fee. Participants are required to take the Getting Published for Beginners that day as well.

Home-Based Business Ideas (FIN 002 02)
Turn talents and hobbies into profits by starting a home-based business.  Learn the mandatory legal documentation needed, ways to market the product or service and how to take tax deductions. Meets from 7 to 9 p.m. Cost is $25, plus a $20 materials fee. 

Word Processing Business (FIN 003 02)
Use typing skills and a computer to make money at home. Discover how and where to find clients plus ways to market these services. Get free national networking information. Meets from 9 to 10 p.m. Cost is $15, plus a $10 materials fee. Participants are required to take the Home-Based Business Ideas that day as well.