Morton College to launch Student Emergency Funds program

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Morton College has additional resources to help students weather financial emergencies. Students can apply for small grants to help cover expenses just beyond their means, which allows them to quickly return focus to their academic pursuits.

The Student Emergency Funds (SEF) program at Morton College is supported by the new partnership with Follett Higher Education Group that manages the College’s Bookstore and has guaranteed revenue provision. One of the ways Morton College will use this revenue is to fund the new Student Emergency Funds program.

“We’re excited to be able to provide additional resources to remove small barriers that can impede student success,” said Marisol Velazquez, Morton College’s Dean of Student Services. “Morton College always has been here to help students in need. The new Student Emergency Funds can be the little bit extra help that makes the difference and helps a student stay on the path to success.”

The program is open to students who are currently enrolled, have no code of conduct record and show a financial hardship that can prevent them from continuing their education.

Some of the covered expenses are:
•    Tuition and fees
•    Replacement of books and supplies lost due to theft, fire or flood
•    Recommended or required services important to student success, such as diagnostic testing for accessibility resources
•    Purchasing winter clothing or suit for job interview
•    Money for groceries, rent or transportation
“Morton College is pleased to provide more resources that are dedicated to supporting our students in times of greatest need,” said Dr. Stan Fields, President of Morton College. “Emergency funds are a bridge to college completion and the financial security a degree can provide.”

Students are required to complete an application form, listing why they need Student Emergency Funds and what the funds will be used for. A Student Emergency Funds committee reviews the application and makes a decision.

To learn more about the Student Emergency Funds program, you can contact Marisol Velazquez, Dean of Student Services, at (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2439 or visit