Instructor FAQ During the Term

  • How can I make my exams secure?   

    • Question pools
    • Timed test
    • Changing questions by term
    • Create 2-part exams
    • Break down exams to avoid browser timeouts

    What should I do if students are not on my Blackboard roster?
    Contact the Help Desk to see if the student has been dropped or has recently enrolled.

    Can I use Blackboard to take attendance?
    Blackboard does not have an attendance function; however, you can create a complete/incomplete column with dates in the gradebook, designate its category as "participation" and mark students present. You can also utilize Course Reports, the retention center and the performance dashboard to check how often students are logging into their courses.

    What if I need assistance with the grade book?  For assistance with the gradebook you can visit Blackboard's Gradebook resource center or contact your Instructional Technologist. 

    Where can students go for technical support?
    Students can call/e-mail the Help Desk. Students can also view videos on how to submit an assignment, changing notification settings and other commonly asked blackboard questions on Blackboard's YouTube page. There are also general Blackboard and navigation tips on the Blackboard site.