Ways to Give

  • Why not choose today to make a financial contribution to Morton College through the Friends of Morton Foundation? We value your involvement with us and the school in however you can contribute!

    Your support will provide students more options for help in funding their dream of a college degree and making sure they receive the best education possible while attending Morton College.

    Many donors like you invest in our communities’ future by giving at a higher level of support. They understand how the community in general benefits from their contribution.

    Your gift will really make a difference, the extra support takes us a long way toward helping students, but also for funding the development of classroom lessons and programs.

    Your gift can help us maintain our position as one of America’s leading Hispanic community colleges.

    Annual Giving Campaign

    The Annual Giving Campaign was launched in 2011 and has been instrumental in initiating and completing a few key projects around Morton College. The Annual Giving Campaign involves students, faculty, administration, and local businesses and promotes the opportunity to provide extraordinary opportunities for learning and discovery.


    Scholarships are becoming increasingly more important in higher education. Without them, many capable students would be deprived of an opportunity to attend college.

    There are many opportunities to establish a scholarship, and the Friends of Morton Foundation will work with you to establish guidelines for goals for your one-time gift or multiyear gift.


    The Summit plays an important role in fulfilling the mission of Morton College. The goal of the Summit is to offer learning opportunities and community services that will provide attendees with a sense of empowerment and enhance their quality of life.

    Do you have any ideas?

    The Friends of Morton Foundation will work with individuals or businesses interested in pursuing a Major Gift donation to Morton College, and work with them to shape their funding goals. The Friends of Morton Foundation is open to new fundraising ideas, or helping find the perfect fit for your gift.