Instructor FAQ Course Development

  • What type of files can I upload to Blackboard?
    You can upload almost any type of file to Blackboard including Microsoft Office Suite files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), .PDFs, .rtfs, video and audio files.

    How can I use Blackboard to store course files?
    Morton college is using Content Collection as its file repository. You can store files within the Content Collection in Blackboard. It is under Control Panel. You may create or edit files or folders there.  In addition you can also attach files from course content collection to make them available to students. 

    How can I edit the left navigation of my course?  

    1. Be sure that you are in Edit Mode - On
    2. Click the Add icon (+) above the Course Menu.
    3. Select the item from the list.
    4. Type the Name of the content item in the Name field.
    5. Click Submit.

    How can I collect work using Blackboard?
    You can collect assignments by using either an assignment dropbox, journal, wiki or a discussion board (submissions are visible to everyone in the class).

    How can I integrate TurnItIn in my course?
    Once you are in the course, Under Control Panel,

    • Click Customization
    • Click Tool Availability
    • Scroll down to TurnItInDirect
    • Check the box to the far right for “Available in Content Area”
    • Proceed to create the assignment as usual. Once you are in the Content Area
    • Hover over Assessments
    • Select TurnItIn Direct Assessment from the dropdown