Deferred Payment via FACTS

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  • Nelnet (FACTS) is a tuition management plan that provides a low-cost payment option for tuition and other educational expenses.

    Nelnet (FACTS) is not a loan program. Students do not incur debt, nor are they charged interest or assessed finance fees. There is no credit check. Automatic payments are processed through a checking/savings or credit card account.

    The only cost to budget monthly payments through Nelnet (FACTS) is a $25.00 per semester non-refundable Nelnet (FACTS) Enrollment Fee. The Nelnet (FACTS) Enrollment Fee is automatically deducted within 14 days of the agreement being posted to the Nelnet (FACTS) system.

    Students may enroll in the Nelnet (FACTS) payment plan through the Panther Portal.

    The following information is required when enrolling in the Nelnet (FACTS) program:

    • A minimum account balance of $100
    • Nine-digit student ID number (Social Security Number or Student ID)
    • Date of Birth
    • The name, address, and e-mail address of the person responsible for making the payments
    • A unique Nelnet (FACTS) Access Code that is created upon enrollment
    • Account information for the person responsible for payment
    • Checking Account - Bank name, bank routing number, account number and bank phone number (located on check)
    • Credit Card - Credit card number and expiration date

    Questions About Financial Aid Awards

    Questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office. For questions on tuition balance, students should contact the Cashier's Office or view their account balance online.

    Students should not assume that their balance will automatically be adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added. Students should review their agreement balance online through their "My Nelnet (FACTS)" account or contact the Cashier's Office.