English Language Acquisition (ELA)

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    Opportunities may include:
    ELA (English Language Acquisition)
    ABE(Adult Basic Education)
    HSEC (High School Equivalency Certificate)

    To apply, call (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2368.

  • Morton College provides English Language Acquisition (ELA) courses to students whose native tongue is not English to help them improve their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

    For more information on the ELA program, download the Morton College ELA brochure in English (PDF) or descargar el Morton College ELA Brochure en Español (PDF)

    Courses Offered

    Six levels of ELA classes, ranging from literacy level to high intermediate, are currently offered. Each level is comprised of two eight-week sessions.


    Morton College receives state and federal funding that allows us to offer ELA classes at no cost to students.

    Class Locations

    For the convenience of our students, classes are held at various educational and community sites in the Morton College area. Classes may be offered on or off-campus and both morning and evening. Not all levels are offered at every class site so please check the class schedule provided at student orientation.

    For more information on ESL class locations and schedules, download the Morton College ELA brochure in English (PDF) or descargar el Morton College ELA Brochure en Español (PDF).


    In order to register for an English Language Acquisition (ELA) course, applicants must complete a three-step registration process:

    Step 1 – Register for Placement Exam

    Several months prior to the start of class, Morton College will announce dates on which applicants should register for a placement exam at Morton College. This registration includes providing biographical information. After registering, applicants will receive their appointment date for placement testing.

    Applicants can download lists of the next scheduled Adult Education registration dates.

    Step 2 – Complete Placement Exam

    Placement exam to determine Reading or Math levels and allow us to to accurately place you into the appropriate class. ABE and HSEC students are required to take a reading and/or math exam. The Secretary of the State of Illinois and the Illinois Community College Board, the funding sources for our programs, requires all students to be tested at program entry and also at specified times during the year.

    Step 3 – Attend Orientation

    Applicants will receive the results of their placement exams during the required orientation session. In addition, orientation allows applicants to:

    • Get more information about their program
    • Ask questions
    • Register for classes