• Morton College

    Police Department

    (708) 656-8000
    Ext. 2200, 2201
        Building C, Room 119   

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  • Calling for Help

    Emergency Call Boxes are located in all buildings, elevators, and parking lots. Push the red button to connect directly to the Morton College Police Department Office.

  • Patrol 

    The Morton College Police Department provides 24-hour coverage of the campus by foot and vehicle patrol.


    The Morton College Police Department is responsible for parking and enforcement. Parking permits are required to park in designated staff parking areas on campus. Parking permits are available at the Morton College Police Department Office.


    If a faculty or staff member is locked out of their designated classroom or office, a Morton College Police Department Police Officer will assist with entry.

    Jump Starts

    The Morton College Police Department will provide jump starts to dead car batteries if needed.


    An escort to any location on campus may be obtained through the Morton College Police Department. Additionally, assistance services can be requested after dark or in any uncomfortable situation – Morton College Police Department Officers will come to your campus location and walk or drive you to any facility on campus to your car, shuttle or bus. 

    To request this service call (708) 656-8000, Ext. 2200.

    Emergency Phones (Blue Light Call Boxes)

    Emergency phones are strategically placed on the main campus and in campus walkways, parking lots, some elevators and other locations. Emergency phones provide direct emergency access to campus police dispatchers and can be used to report an emergencies or request immediate help. 

    The Morton College Police Department maintain a 24-hour communications center. Anyone on campus may request assistance by dialing 911 from a campus or outside phone or by pressing the Red Button located on the Emergency Call Box.

    Campus Staff and Faculty Safety Meetings

    The Morton College Police typically gives 10 to 12 presentations each year to various departments at the College on topics ranging from specific crime-related issues to safety tips, crime prevention and safety awareness. The Morton College Police Department will provide these presentations upon request from any department on campus.