Securing Campus Buildings and Grounds

  • The College’s buildings and grounds are monitored and patrolled by the Morton College Police Department and inspect campus facilities to provide prompt service and quick responses to reports of potential hazards.

    Lighting is typical for the size and nature of the Campus. Physical plant staff and Department staff suggest lighting improvements as needed. The physical plant maintains an after hours call out schedule that allows physical plant staff to be called to campus at all times to make repairs and address safety concerns.

    Security surveillance recording cameras are mounted in all campus hallways, entrances, courtyards and parking areas. Surveillnce recordings are monitored by the Morton College Police Department officers and dispatchers.

    All campus classrooms, offices and entrance doors are accessed by “keyless card access card” system. 

    All security call boxes, surveillance cameras, fire alarm panels, and keyless card access systems are checked daily.

    Emergency Call Boxes Emergency Call Box

    Emergency Call boxes and telephones are located in the lobbies, foyers, elevators, entrances and parking areas of the campus.

    Panic Alarms (25) assigned to administrative and staff members throughout the college campus. These devices are primarily for emergency services and campus safety department.

    Interior call boxes (31) and exterior parking area call boxes (5) are located throughout campus

    Call boxes are equipped with a red emergency button that provide a immediate connection to the Morton College Police Department dispatchers.