Policies and Procedures


    Due to several recently reported incidents, officers have requested that students secure their bikes in the bike rack in front of the OAR/Admissions building.  

    Any questions should be directed to the Morton Campus Police Department.

  • Student and Staff Responsibilities

    Students and staff cooperation and involvement is critical in the creation and maintenance of a successful campus safety program. Students and staff should report any suspicious looking individuals who do not belong on campus or any suspicious activities immediately to the Morton College Police Department.

    Students and staff must take responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their own personal property by taking simple common sense precautions. For example, any student or staff (male or female) may feel more comfortable using the escort service when traveling around campus late at night.

    For more information on staying safe on campus, download Tips for Staying Safe (PDF)

    General Policies

    Enforcement of State Statues and Code of Conduct

    In cases of violation of State statutes or Morton College Code of Conduct, the Morton College Police Department has two options:

    1. Refer violators to the Dean’s Office, which will enact appropriate discipline including suspension or referral to the Board for dismissal from the College
    2. Make arrests and press criminal charges

    Download Morton College Code of Student Conduct

    Emergency Response Guide

    Download the Morton College Emergency Response Guide (PDF)

    Alert Policy

    Download the Morton College Alert Policy (PDF)