Bookstore FAQ

    1. Why are so many books on the list?
      The bookstore does not select titles to be used in a course—instructors select titles based on their conception of course requirements, and they submit an official textbook adoption prior to each semester. All books are required unless the instructor asks us to mark it as optional. Optional books such as study guides, solutions manuals, etc., are available for additional help, but we ask that students go to class before purchasing optional books.
    2. Why are the prices so high?
      Price is an end product that accumulates as a book is created and distributed. Factors include the price for printing, paper, binding, manufacturing and author’s royalties.
    3. Why isn’t a book being used again?
      The decision to change a textbook is made by the instructor, not the bookstore. In fact, changing books does not benefit the bookstore because of the expense involved. Textbooks become dated very quickly because of changes in world events, new information and updated teaching techniques. Occasionally, the bookstore will work with faculty who wish to use old editions of a book in order to save students money.
    4. Why aren’t more used books available?
      As a general practice, bookstores supply used books whenever possible; however, available quantities are limited. Some books are not published in large quantities, so there is a limit on the number of used books. Used copies of new editions are often unavailable due to having been only recently published.