Calendar of Regular Board Meetings

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    Morton College District 527

    Regular Board Meetings take place in the
    Board Room (2nd Floor, Building B)
    at 5 PM (unless otherwise noted)



    January Through December, 2017


    January 23 at 12 PM

    February 22

    March 14

    April 26 at 2 PM

    May 23 AT 1PM

    JUNE 7 AT 11 AM

    June 26 at 12 pm
    July 20

    August 28 Cancelled

    September 18

    October 23 at 11 AM

    November 13

    December 18 at 11 AM



    Download Calendar of Scheduled Regular Board Meetings (PDF)

    Note: The PDF of Scheduled Regular Board Meetings is provided for reference. Meeting dates and times may be rescheduled. Please consult the list above for current Board meeting dates and times.