Calendar of Regular Board Meetings

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    Morton College District 527

    Regular Board Meetings take place in the
    Board Room (2nd Floor, Building B)
    at 5 PM (unless otherwise noted)



    January Through December, 2017


    January 23 at 12 PM

    February 22

    March 14

    April 26 at 2 PM

    May 15 Rescheduled to May 23, 1 pm

    June 28

    July 26

    August 23

    September 27

    October 25

    November 15 (3rd Wednesday)

    December 13 (2nd Wednesday) at 1 PM



    Download Calendar of Scheduled Regular Board Meetings (PDF)

    Note: The PDF of Scheduled Regular Board Meetings is provided for reference. Meeting dates and times may be rescheduled. Please consult the list above for current Board meeting dates and times.