Student FAQ

  • Where do I reset my password?

    Send an email to with your full name, last 4 of your SSN, student ID #, and date of birth. Or come in person with a photo ID to IT Office ,232B.

    Why does my class not appear or it says “No registered classes found” in Blackboard, after I have registered for classes?

    Your Blackboard courses will become available 5 days before the class start date and become unavailable 7 days after the class end date.  Follow the steps below to make sure you are correctly enrolled:  1. Check your class schedule or talk to admission office to make sure your enrollment is still current and valid.  2. Check if your course start date has arrived. If your course has not started yet, your course will not be available for you to access until 5 days before the course start date.  3. If your course has started, check with the course instructor: the course may not be available for you because instructor has not made it available to students or may not utilize Blackboard for the class.  4. If you went through the above steps and you still have issue with your courses, please email You need to include your FULL NAME, LAST 4 OF YOUR SSN or YOUR STUDENT ID, EMAIL/PHONE NUMBER, ENROLLED COURSE IDs.

    Where do I access my classes?

    Login to the Blackboard, under “My Blackboard" page you will see on the right side a listing of your classes. If, for whatever reason, you do not see an online class listed in which you are enrolled contact or call Ext. 2444 with your full name, last 4 of your SSN, or student id, birthdate, and the class you are trying to access. Or come in person with a photo ID to IT Office, 232B  

    When I click to my course, I only see the course homepage. I do not see other course links at all. What's wrong?

    A: Sometimes when a course site opens the display window is maximized, making it appear that the course site only has one area of content. Blackboard has a toggle button to hide the course menu. To access other areas of the site, move your mouse over the region on the left side of your screen, you will see a gray bar there. clicking the bar will bring the course menu back up. The video below shows the process.                                   

    Can I access my Blackboard on Mobile device?

    Blackboard has a new mobile app called Bb Student. Bb Student is free to download and was designed with you in mind and with the intention of providing a more user friendly and modern experience to help you achieve your educational goals. Some of the key features include:Activity Stream: The majority of the time you spend in Bb Student will be spent on the activity stream, the home screen. It represents a "smart view" of prioritized events and actions, and pushes content to you.Course Outline: This provides you with a familiar way of exploring content, quickly accessing information, and identifying the main materials you need to focus on. Content presentation is simple, clean, straightforward, and fun.  Test & Quizzes:  You are able to view, complete, and submit assignments and tests right in the app.Grades: Gives you real-time access to your grades in a comprehensive and friendly format, which enables you to quickly identify your academic results and progress in a given class or assignment.