Online Learners

  • Online Learning

    While online classes have much in common with traditional classroom traditional courses – a teacher, students, lessons and lectures, assignments, exams, and discussions, some users may feel challenged by the different skills and capabilities that may be required in an online experience.

  • Successful Online Learners

    Actively Participate

    While attendance in a traditional classroom course may simply involve showing up, attendance in an online course requires students to actively participate in course lessons, discussions, and activities. In addition, those that participate more fully tend to learn more and receive significantly higher grades. Successful online students check their classes early and often, participate fully in discussions and activities, and engage with others to make the most of their online class experience.

    Successfully Manage Their Time Effectively

    One of the most appealing aspects of taking courses online is the flexibility it provides. You can work on coursework when and where you want. However, this aspect of online courses can also be challenging. A successful online student must learn to effectively manage time to meet deadlines and expectations. Although a class may be online, students are generally still required to dedicate the same amount of time and effort to the class as traditional classroom course. Online students are responsible for ensuring that they have enought time to process the information provided in lessons and complete homework and other assignments.

    Ask Questions

    In traditional classroom courses, a teacher can often tell if students are confused by the looks on their faces and provide further explanation. In an online course, comprehension is harder to guage and teachers can't rely on such feedback. A successful online learner will ask questions early and often to ensure that they fully understand lessons and instructor expectations.

    Develop Computer Skills

    Since online classes rely so heavily on using technology effectively, it is vital that students develop the computer and web skills necessary for web-based learning. If students are interested in taking classes online or are in the process of taking an online class but feel the need to further develop their computer skills, the Morton College Library, the Student Success Center, and the course instructor can provide help and assistance.