New Features

  • What's new about BbLearn LMS at Morton College?

     The newly upgraded BbLearn offers several exciting new features along with a number of fixes and improvements. To name a few below:

    • Student Preview - The new Student Preview feature provides the capability for an instructor to see the course exactly as a student would see it.

    • SafeAssign - Blackboard has enhanced the SafeAssign service to provide a more seamless integration with native Blackboard Learn Assignments

    • Content Editor Spellcheck – the spellcheck option’s default state is set to “on”


    When you log in to the updated version for the first time, you will encounter an informational overlay screen that you have to click on "Close" to clear. It only appears on your first post-upgrade login.

    Global Navigation refers to the new set of links that appears at the very top right of the Blackboard Learn frame. Access points to critical academic information are organized in one place to provide a consistent, quick, and easy way to find information. New components of global navigation include:
    Access to settings that previously were accessed through My Places. My Places has been eliminated. Home and Help links reside here.
    Icons and links to various areas of Blackboard. It aggregates and provides access to all your Blackboard Learn information through a navigation panel that quickly connects to different tools in the system, with icons signaling the presence of new information, such as new messages and new posts.

    Course-to-Course Navigation is a new feature that allows students and instructors to jump from course to course while retaining the context of the page or task of the course they are jumping out of. For example, if you are working in the Grade Center of a course and jump to another course, you will land in its Grade Center.

    Click the page on the left for details on each feature.