Apple Initiatives

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  • Celeste Sonnier

    Acting Director, Teaching and Learning Center
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  • The following resources may be of interest to instructors taking part in the Apple Initiative program.

    iTunes U Courses (iPad) 

    Content organization and distribution platform.

    iTunes U can be utilized to share content with students in the classroom or in continuing education courses. 


    Johns Hopkins and CDC: Ebola Preparedness: PPE guidelines - Interactive training program for healthcare providers. Videos in the course can be downloaded and available offline.

    Multi-touch Books

    Interactive multi-touch books can include video, audio, links, interactive 3-D models, photo galleries, etc.  These books are created with a free software on Mac, iBooks Author.

    The iBooks app is available for Mac or iOS.


    The Morning Report - Case studies



    Complete Anatomy 
    Explain Everything, a collaborative whiteboard. 

    Apple Teacher

    A free professional development program, the Apple Teacher Program provides a series of tips, stories and other helpful materials to help you build core skills to get the most from our products. 

    You’ll discover new ways to enhance creativity and productivity with curated collections for educators.

    After completing online quizzes you’ll receive an official Apple Teacher logo.

    To sign up for the Apple Teacher Program, all you need is an Apple ID.